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Frequently Asked Q's

Q: what is a Cat Call Choir member and how do I become one?
A: Cat Call Choir members are paid performers/independent contractors who rehearse and perform as an ensemble at concerts and private events.  if you are interested in performing with us, please email us at catcallchoir@gmail.com.
Q: do I have to have training or performance experience to join?
A: no formal training is necessary to be a Cat Call Choir member, but we do seek people who can carry a tune and who possess passion, charisma, and confidence when delivering on stage. follow us via Twitter for up-to-date audition information.

Q: will I have to sing by myself? 
A: not unless you want to

Q: what's the age requirement to be a choir member? 
A: 18 

Q: what is an Open Rehearsal?
A: a safe space and sanctuary for ALL women to process their thoughts and feelings about harassment in a productive and artistic way.  in Open Rehearsals we sing as an ensemble, generate new lyrics and choreography and experiment with props and, most importantly. and talk about how harassment impacts us all.  all local and visiting women to the Bay Area are invited to attend open rehearsals.

Q: do I have to sign up for Open Rehearsal?
A: yes. RSVP via Eventbrite
Q: is an Open Rehearsal an audition?
A: no. Open Rehearsals are to play with props and performance ideas, learn and practice songs, generate new material, and spend time with other women who are passionate about discussing and contemplating gender-based harassment in our communities.
Q: are men allowed to be in the choir?
A: sorry fellas.  at this time Cat Call Choir membership and attendance at Open Rehearsals is limited to women.
Q: will I be able to use photos or video of me taken at open rehearsals? 
A: yes. Cat Call Choir will grant permission to use any media for personal use as long as you give photo credit to picsprobono.  put them on Facebook, use them for your website, etc.

Q: do I have to be in photos/video? 
A: no.  if you are concerned with being in Cat Call Choir media, please advise us prior to Open Rehearsal and we will do our best to accommodate you.